7 Way Entrepreneurs Think Differently

In any traditional business, there’s a certain way of doing things so that operations flow in a predictable and orderly way. All entrepreneurs have a different mindset that contributes to their success. When figuring out what will work best for you as you face the challenges of entrepreneurship, it can help to learn from the experiences of others.I want to share seven ways I adapted my mindset to become a successful entrepreneur.

1) Forget About Rules.Everything is new when you’re an entrepreneur. So, there are no precedents, or right or wrong ways to do things.

2) Do the Illogical.We are creatures of habit, and we’re used to doing things a certain way—the logical way. However, you can’t use the same logic when you’re in a totally different environment and you need different results.

3) Go with Your Gut.You will often have to make decisions with very limited information trusting your gut.

4) Be Willing to Lose It All.Most everyone is afraid of failing and losing what they have. However, as an entrepreneur, if you’re not willing to go out there and fail.

5) Act with Fear.Fear and growth go hand in hand. Don’t ever let fear stop you

6) Don’t Second Guess Yourself.You’re constantly coming up with new ideas and developing concepts when you’re an entrepreneur.

7) Strive for Excellence.Set and maintain a standard of excellence—be obsessed with quality.

To your success

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