Cost Of Success

When you use your will to direct the power that is always flowing into your consciousness, your life changes in amazing ways. That’s because thought energy is the most potent form of energy in the universe. It penetrates all time and space.

So when you concentrate on a single idea, such as the image of the life you want, you are making a powerful connection with the universe that pulls you toward the image. You have to dwell inside the image in your mind. You must take your mind off the current circumstances and put it on the life you want. By putting yourself in the image, any artificial walls you’ve created will disappear.

You see, when you imagine the good that you desire, and use your will to hold that image in your mind, you actually create a channel for pure unadulterated spirit to move to and through you.As you use your will to repeatedly impress the image on the subconscious, it begins to express itself as new vibrations and actions. And that sets up a powerful attractive force to bring the image back to you in physical form.I realise that if you’re a relatively new student in this train of thought, that’s quite a mouthful.

However, it’s also a truth.Just like it’s a truth that when any two extraordinarily powerful forces meet, the result can change the landscape forever. Wind and fire, for instance, combine and burn away decades of dead brush, clearing the way for fresh new growth to emerge. Two streams unite and form a river that creates and sustains new life along its banks for hundreds, even thousands of years.

To think of your imagination and will as two powerful forces is not an exaggeration. And if you allow it to, their connection will renew and transform the landscape of your life in the most miraculous ways imaginable.

To your success


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